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Origins Learning Ally offers specialized reading instruction and IEP / 504 advocacy services. Origins Learning Ally is led by Theresa Rohm, a licensed professional with over 20 years of experience and training in the field of Special Education.
During her time working in public education, she facilitated 100’s of IEP meetings and two obstacles were abundantly clear —

The First Major Issue…

The first major issue was the amount of teachers that lacked the training and tools to address the reading needs of students.  Many teachers do not even have reading curriculum or the tools and materials to teach reading. Some schools expect teachers to buy or create their own materials. Learning to read is not a natural process, much like learning to talk. The human brain isn’t wired to read. Kids must be explicitly taught how to connect sounds with letters — phonics. 

So many children are struggling in school because they were never taught to read or given the skills to attack and decode words. Many children guess at words because they haven’t been taught phonics or strategies for breaking down multisyllabic words.

The Second Obstacle…

The second obstacle was that many students with IEPs were not in the appropriate programs or receiving adequate support necessary to be successful in school. There is a large number of students in need of intervention and many schools do not have the resources to provide it.

Parents are overwhelmed, confused and exhausted by the IEP Process. Dozens of unfamiliar terms and data make it extremely challenging for parents  to be  confident and active members  of their child’s IEP team. 

“I wouldn’t change YOU for the world , but I’ll change the world for you.”

I am here to ease your mind and take the weight off your shoulders. Book a consultation meeting today. It’s free and you have everything to gain.

Origins Learning Ally is unique in that it offers two services that often go hand in hand. 

Our Specialized 1:1 Reading Intervention and IEP consultation are customized to you and your child’s needs. The systematic reading instruction used (The Barton System) is evidenced based and follows the Orton Gillingham approach. 

Iep consultation and advocacy services are also available for families. Mrs. Rohm dives deep into what is impeding your child’s progress. With your input, she lays out a clear roadmap with actionable steps to take. Her passion is advocating for children and parents while educating families through every step of the IEP process.

Both services were created with a common goal- maximizing a child’s learning potential, empowering families and giving parents and children a voice as they navigate their education journey.

Origins Learning Ally Services

In order to make steady progress, sessions are a commitment of twice a week minimum. With more frequent sessions, the faster the student can move through each level. When our students see progress quickly, motivation and confidence improves.

What Parents Are Saying

"Theresa not only raised my son’s reading level but she went out of her way to help us through a tough situation at school that was causing so much stress for my son. She was the only teacher that understood my child and helped make him smile again. She is so easy to talk to and really cares. I can’t say enough about her."

Lisa Z.

"My son is in the Autism spectrum and very bright but needed alot of support socially in order to succeed in school. His school tried to exit him from IEP services because his test scores were high and Theresa had our back. She knew the language and the data we needed to keep him in his program. Our son is succeeding in college and this may not have been possible without her."

Joanie G.

"Our family cannot thank you enough for all you did for us. It’s hard to find the words to say because there is just so much. My daughter thrived in her program and we know it would not have been possible without your guidance and support. Thank you."

Christine A.

"Our son put his head down every day in school and refused to do anything. She was able to get through to him and even my husband and me couldn’t. Theresa treated our child like her own."

Lori S.

"I was asked to write a brief testimonial but it will be hard to make it brief but I’ll try. My daughter was suffering from a severe mental health crisis and the district was not willing to give her an aide or any more support because her evaluation showed she was average intelligence. As a single mom I was a wreck. Theresa answered every call from me and every text,even when I texted late at night. She worked so hard to get my daughter into a program where we had a mental health service provided by the school district. My daughter slowly got better. This was a much longer story but basically my daughter may not be here today if it weren’t for Mrs Rohm."

Heather M.

"Our son hated reading until he worked with Mrs Rohm. He used to refuse to do any work requiring reading or writing. She was so patient with his outburst. Reading is still not his favorite thing to do but he does it and greatly improved his reading and attitude. Thank you to Mrs Rohm."

Michael R.

"I’ve been attending dozens of IEP meetings for my child for years and there is noone I would rather have by my side than Mrs. Rohm. She explains everything and makes us feel so important."

Sara C.

"Theresa was a life saver for my son! As his case manager, she ensured that he received all his services and his accommodations were honored. Most importantly, Theresa truly cared about my son and provided a safe space for him to learn. She is a true gift to children with special needs and we loved working with her."

Eileen W.

“If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.”


– Ignacio Estrada

Partnering with Families to Educate and Empower 

Partnering with Families to Educate and Empower 

Partnering with Families to Educate and Empower 

Partnering with Families to Educate and Empower 

Partnering with Families to Educate and Empower 

Partnering with Families to Educate and Empower